Coughlin-Lastrina Funeral Home
Family Service Since 1847

Here at the Coughlin-Lastrina Funeral Home we feel a great responsibility to give back to our community that has been so kind to us for so many years.  That is why our family spends every Christmas Eve sharing a homemade Italian dinner with friends, new and old.  Whether someone is in need of a hot meal or just a friendly face to wish them ‘Merry Christmas’, we enjoy seeing each and every person who comes to help us celebrate.  

Each Christmas Eve, our large chapel is decorated with festive decorations including a bright tree with presents under it for our young friends.  We are proud to have offered this holiday feast for hundreds of people in the community since 1997 and always look forward to the next year so we can share more food and fun!  

As always, all are welcome to join us for Christmas Eve!

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